Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Parks in Berlin: Körnerpark

Ok, so the "summer" hasn't been that great so far in Berlin. There seems to be a stream of a few very hot and humid days, followed by ridiculously powerful thunder storms, a week of cool rainy weather then the heat gets going again and so continues the cycle. So, while it lasted, we decided to take advantage of the warm weather last week by visiting a very pretty park in Neukölln in the south east of the city.

We actually have some friends who live very close to the park and they recommended that we visited when we were in the area. The park is called Körnerpark and is located between Neukölln and Hermanstrasse U-bahn stations. 

The park itself isn't really that big but it has all the things you'd expect of a city park; green areas and, in this case, lots of half naked Germans!  It's a surprisingly tranquil place actually because all of the nearby roads are small side streets with very little traffic. 

It comprises of three separate areas. Two green fields which are connected by paths and the other area is more of a garden with flower beds, some well kept lawns and a terrace café. 

The garden is the first part of the park we came across and the view surprised us as walked up the steps from one of the main entrances. It reminded me of a garden you would typically find in an English country home equipped with a fountain and stone steps with balustrades around the perimeter. 

Although the park was busy with people sunbathing, families having picnics and children playing around the fountain there was still a lot of place to take a quiet stroll. The terrace café was a perfect place to enjoy a cool beer in the humid heat and to take a relaxing break to look out over the park gardens.

It looks like the café and the park organise regular cultural events including outdoor concerts and exhibitions. In fact there is a series of summer concerts planned throughout the summer and the building houses an art gallery which has regular exhibitions. You can find out more about the Körnerpark Café and the events on their website (in German). Also, here is a link to the summer 2012  schedule

I'll leave you with a few more photos of this very lovely park.



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