Monday, June 11, 2012

Kreuzberg in Pictures: Episode One

Kreuzberg in West Berlin is one of the most well-known areas of Berlin. It is rich in counter-culture, road-side cafes and restaurant as well as street art. It went from being one of the poorest West Berlin neighbourhoods during the late 70's to the hip cultural center it now is.

Kreuzberg houses many of the immigrants in Berlin (including us!) and has a well established Turkish community and a load of punks! There are many things to do and see here especially in the summer months when a walk down one of the canals and a cool beer on a terrace is a must!

In this section of Explorer Berlin we will be sharing photos we took around Kreuzberg every few weeks. Here are a couple of photos to get started. We hope you enjoy them.

Do you live in or have you visited Kreuzberg? 
What do you think of this part of Berlin? 
Comments are welcome. 

Line 1 of the U-Bahn which goes right through the center of Kreuzberg. 
Swans on the canal.
Night time factories on the Spree.


  1. I used to work in Kreuzberg - tbh, its not my favorite part of town. I can see its allure to some people - the diversity, the slight edginess, it being "alternative", but theres really nothing there for me. Ill admit that im a snob, and that I prefer my parks clean, my streets quiet at night, and my car unscratched. Kreuzberg gives off that vibe that its filled with with the kind of people that complain about gentrification but havent fully grasped or realized that they are the problem.

    1. Thanks for the comment Georg. I have heard mixed opinions about Kreuzberg and I can see why some people like it and others don't. In general I have had a positive experience living here so far but, saying that, I haven't had time nor money to really explore the rest of Berlin properly yet so I can't make a proper comparison.

      People have told me that housing prices here have sky-rocketet recently as Kreuzberg has become a place for wealthier people to buy which is forcing prices up. From my own experience, it is difficult to get a good deal renting flats here. It seems to me that this is happening in other neighbourhoods in Berlin too as there seems to be a constant shift and change in the popularity of neighbourhoods.