Monday, June 25, 2012

Kreuzberg in Pictures: Episode Two

In this section of Explorer Berlin we share photos we took from our travels around Kreuzberg. Here are a couple more photos of the wonderful things to see here. There is a theme this week, Alternative places to have a drink!

Do you live in or have you visited Kreuzberg? 
What do you think of this part of Berlin? 
Comments are welcome. 

The "Kjosk Bus Bar" on Skalitzerstrasse.
Update: I was informed by @jeroenvanmarle via twitter shortly after posting this blog that the Kjosk Bus Bar is no longer there and, low and behold, I went past this afternoon and it had disappeared! It might crop up somewhere else in the city hopefully. Thanks for the info Jeroen.   

A "Boat Bar" on the Spree.
A pleasure boat on the canal. I'm pretty sure it has a bar too!


  1. Kreuzberg- I keep hearing that it is an eclectic neighborhood?! Hope to find out once in Berlin :)

  2. It is very eclectic although feelings are mixed, some people like it, others don't. I like it as there is always something going on. Kreuzberg is the first area of Berlin I knew so I'm maybe a bit biased. There are lots of bars, restaurants and the canals run right through it so lots of terraces and parks to sit at in good weather. There's a pretty international crowd that hang out there. Good luck with your move or visit to Berlin :D