Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Open Air Gallery 2012

On Sunday we accidentally wandered into the Open Air Gallery which was taking place on Oberbaümbruke (the bridge between the districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain).

The bridge had been closed to traffic and the road lined with stands displaying artist's paintings, sculptures and photographs for sale.

Along with a variety of different types of art stands there was a paper strip running down in the middle of the road. There were pots of paint and brushes dotted along so that members of the public could add their own artistic touch to the communal painting. And, of course, there was a bar to buy a refreshing beer, wine or snack (I don't think I've seen any event in Germany that doesn't involve beer). 

Our attention, however, was drawn away from the center of activity to an artist displaying his art just off the bridge. His paintings captured our attention and we approached to find out more. Maxamillion arrived in Berlin a few weeks ago from Austria and is currently living in the squat village on the banks of the Spree. 

Artist "Maxamillion"

Some themes he talked about in his art-work include perception, our connection to the universe, consciousness and the universal spiral. After a chat with Maxamillion, we decided to buy some prints. You can find out more about him on his website:

Maxamillion's art work

Here are some more photos of the Open Air Gallery 2012.

If you missed out on the event, don't worry as you will have another chance this year

The Open Air Gallery returns to Oberbaümbruke on Sunday 5th August from 10am - 10pm. 

For more information visit their website (in German).     

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